Commercial Kitchen & Food Trading Equipment Suppliers based in the United Kingdom

MTC is a commercial kitchen and food service equipment supplying company in the UK. We have provided commercial kitchen equipment for numerous 5-star hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, and small-scale clients for over 10 years. We have the experience and skill that is uniquely developed to create our clients envisioned kitchen. We help plan, build, and install a kitchen that fulfills our client’s budget and space requirements. We have a range of equipment from numerous suppliers.

In an industry where so much is over-promised and under-delivered

we make sure provide the best equipments that not only matches your budget but also matches your expecations. We offer the skill and experience to create a unique plan for our clients.

Our Services

are a commitment to making your space fit with the kitchen equipment you require. We will provide installation services along with equipment supplying for the best price.

Commercial kitchen equipment includes a wide selection of

appliances like ovens, griddles, storage equipment, grills, food warmers, fryers and much more.

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